Analytics at the Next Level

It's Data Science, not Rocket Science

The Business Intelligence & Analytics Club provides a space for connecting students, alumni and institutions who are passionate about data science.


To build a sustainable ecosystem for analytics in SMU

Bridge the gap between technology and business functions, where students develop a career mindset that embraces the convergence of digital competence with business leadership.



A Co-learning Community

BIA has created a community of like-minded individuals that learn and grow together.


Our senior associates offer mentorship programmes under our homegrown Data Associates Programme (DAP).

Industry Collaborations

We seek to invite our partners such as Tableau, Shopee and Bloomberg to give an industrial talk and provide networking opportunities.


Here's a list of past and upcoming events to check out and sign up for ASAP!

No Upcoming Events

Due to the recent COVID-19 situation, SMUBIA will not be holding any events for now. Keep a look out for more updates!

Core Team Recruitment


Thank you Data Enthusiasts for your interest! We've received your signups and are eager to get the next batch of Core Team members rolling. Look forward to another year of awesome data analytics content and events!

SQL Workshop


Data Enthusiasts joined us for an exciting look into SQL databases and how to create them from scratch in order to power your analytics tools. Big thanks to Hao Di and our DAP alumni for coming down to help make this workshop a success!

Tableau Workshop


Over 80 data enthusiasts joined us over two runs of our Tableau workshop to learn how to use this powerful tool to visualise data. Special thanks to our alumni for coming down to help out as TAs and instructors!

Alumni Workshop


Ever wondered what it's like to work as a data analyst or data scientists? BIA's very own Alumni Sharing Session gave our attendees an opportunity for BIA alumnus to show how their analytical skills are put to use in various industries.

Python Workshop


Over 50 Data Enthusiasts joined BIA for an in-depth journey through Python for two weeks, learning everything from lists and dictionaries to forloops and while loops. Thank you to our participants for helping us make this a successful workshop!


DAP is SMUBIA's flagship mentorship programme. Through mentorship from seniors and exclusive industry experiences, this programme aims to equip Data Associates with important analytical knowledge and skills by creating a co-learning community.

Exclusive Resources / Experiences
Co-Learning Community
Project-based Learning
21st Century Competencies


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